Madeleine | Pell City 2016 Senior

Madeleine | Pell City 2016 Senior

Madeleine is a class of 2016 senior at Pell City High School with a long list of hobbies and interests! We got to know her so well through the process of our planning and shoot, and we are so glad that we can also call her friend. Below are some of our favorite shots from the shoot as well as some of her answers to our questionnaire. Check them out and get to know Madeleine just a little better!

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What are you most looking forward to in your senior year?
I’m most looking forward to great memories with good friends that I will be able to remember throughout all my life. Also, in seventh grade in Kyle Shelton’s class, we created a “time capsule” to be given back to us after graduation. I honestly cannot wait to open that.

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What is the first thing people notice about you?
My eyes or my smile, but it used to be my height until everyone else caught up to me. 😉

Madeleine class of 2016 Madeleine Senior Session Pell City AL Senior Session DND-Madeleine-15

What is one thing about you that people wouldn’t know just by looking at you?
People wouldn’t know that I am just a senior in high school. Ever since the eighth grade, I might as well have been a junior in college. I even got asked if i was “home for the summer” when I was 14. Also, I have a big heart for children and special needs children. They are very dear to me and I love working with kids.

Pell City 2016 Senior DND-Madeleine-19 Madeleine Pell City High School Pell City Senior Session Pell City Senior Portraits

What are your plans after high school?
I plan to go to Southern Union of Wadley, and if I plan to pursue my degree further, I wish to transfer to Samford University. I have thought about journalism as a major and also something along the lines of physical therapy, I am not quite set on anything just yet.

DND-Madeleine-24 Darling & Dear Senior Session

What are you the most proud of?
I’m most proud of the young lady my parents have raised me to be – and I’m not one to talk about why I am “proud,” so to say. I’m proud that I have integrity – that I’m the same person at home as I am to the outside world, and I’m the same person at church as I am in school. That’s probably what I’m most proud of – not any accolades or achievements. Those are all arbitrary, just give me Jesus. 🙂

Birmingham Senior Session Madeleine Pell City 2016 DND-Madeleine-32 Pell City High School 2016

Who do you most admire and why?
I most admire my mom’s mom (Grammy), Lynda Wheeler, for always being a spiritual influence in my life and teaching me to live how Jesus lives. I don’t know many people that remind me of Christ, but if there ever was an earthly being that did, she would be that person. She is a wonderful woman of God and I’m honored to be called her granddaughter. Plus, she sews and taught me how to sew. She just teaches me very valuable life skills.

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How do you define beauty?
I don’t think you can define beauty, I think you just know when you see beauty. By beauty, I do not mean physical appearance. Of course aesthetics play a part in said “beauty,” but I believe beauty goes so much farther beyond outside appearance. Beauty on the inside is a quality you can’t explain. When typing this, I’m reminded of the fruits of the spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Beauty is definitely derived from these qualities. And if a person can gleam with these attributes instead of just an outward appearance, then the person is truly beautiful. Society has skewed the meaning of beauty, but I believe most of beauty comes from the heart, mind and soul – not physical appearance.

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If you are a 2016 senior, there are still a few dates left for you to fit in your session! But don’t wait – graduation will be here before you know it! Let us know if you are looking for your class of 2016 senior session. We would love to share in your special year with you and give you an experience of a lifetime.  Contact us today to book your date!

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