Hannah | 2017 Pell City Senior

Hannah | 2017 Pell City Senior

Hannah is a graduating 2017 Pell City senior that also served on our model team this past year! Hannah has a¬†joyful heart, fun spirit and a great attitude, and you can’t help but be drawn to her bubble! Ask her to sing you some Shania, and you won’t be able to not be her friend ūüėČ

Hannah is a Pell City cheerleader and part of the SGA, Beta Club, and Interact Club. She also was crowned Miss Congeniality in the Miss Pell High pageant, which really tells you a lot about her personality. Hannah came with the outfits and the boldness needed for her photos, with just the right amount of giggles too. We chose some Birmingham backdrops that fit her style and her attitude and that featured the true star Hannah is.

Hannah is headed to Auburn in the fall, and we¬†are excited to follow along on her journey and see all her accomplishments! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites from her senior session. Don’t forget to read some of her detailed answers to our model team application. You can really see¬†this 2017 Pell City senior’s true personality from ¬†her own words!

Birmingham loft senior session

Describe your personality¬†and what defines who you are?: I can describe myself as a very exuberant and outgoing person. I never meet a stranger and I’m always up for new opportunities and new friendships. I would also describe myself as caring. As a person who is strong in their faith, I always like to try and put others before myself and to work daily to strive to be more like Christ. I think that the joy that I embody is what defines who I am. I can truly say that Christ is living inside of me and I can live out each day knowing that I have so many reasons to be joyful.

Rotary Trail Birmingham senior portraits “In my free time I like to…”: be around people. No matter what, I love spending time around others. Whether they are people I have known my entire life or someone I just met, I love spending quality time together. I like to spend time with my family which usually includes family dinners or spontaneous shopping trips. My friends and I normally don’t have to have a certain activity to do, we have fun no matter what. I like going to the movies, skating, and going on road trips. I always enjoy eating good food in my free time, especially frozen yogurt.

Birmingham High School Senior Portraits Pell City High School Senior

What extracurricular activities are you involved in and why?: I am involved in our school’s Student Government Association, Interact Club, and Beta Club. I’m in these because they all give me different opportunities to reach out and serve in our community. I am also a cheerleader. I love cheerleading because I am a very spirited and expressive person. I like being able to cheer on different teams and to encourage our school. Through cheer, I have been able to make long lasting friendships and memories. I’ve been involved for almost six years, and I am always being encouraged to push myself to be my best and I’m always learning new things. I’m also involved in tumbling which teaches me to have self- discipline which has equipped me for all different aspects of life.


Hannah pell city senior session downtown Birmingham senior session

If you could do one activity every day for the rest of your life, what would that be and why?: If I had to choose one thing to do for the rest of my life, it would be to spend time with children and families. I would love to just spend time with people to be able to simply show them love. Whether I’m at an orphanage in Africa loving on children who don’t have families, or whether I am with my own family. I would cherish and spend time with them the rest of my life.


Birmingham Senior Photography 2017 Pell City senior session

What motivates you?: I am motivated by Christ. I have a reason to make much of Christ in whatever I do. I surround myself with people who are motivated for the same reason. I am motivated because I know that there is more and I know that I am here on Earth to glorify Christ.


2017 Pell City senior session

What are you passionate about?: I am passionate about my relationship with Christ. I’m passionate about telling and showing others how great Christ‚Äôs love is for us. I really hope to end up doing mission work in Africa in orphanages because of my love for children and my passion for Christ.


Birmingham sky line senior session senior session and city federal

What is one thing you look for when picking a senior photographer? What specifically draws you to Darling & Dear?: When I look for a senior photographer, I look for uniqueness. I was drawn to Darling & Dear because I have seen how involved they become with their clients to make sure that they’re senior pictures fit them perfectly. Darling & Dear uses detail to make each client shine, which is what I love.

Birmingham senior session 2017

Hair & Makeup: Erica Arrington
Photography: Darling & Dear

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