fab’rik | Birmingham Styled Shoot

fab’rik | Birmingham Styled Shoot

We’ll be the first to admit that we aren’t the best at keeping up with our website posts. But we’re turning a new leaf and catching up so that all of you can see some of the fun projects and amazing people we’ve run across recently. Starting with fab’rik Birmingham!

Fab’rik is located at the Summit in Birmingham. We enjoyed their clothes and store so much that we worked out a relationship to photograph with them. This shoot was over a year ago, but it was seriously one for the books. We loved these pictures so much, we felt it just wasn’t right to keep them to ourselves!

We came up with an Almost Famous theme with a Boho twist. And so launched a super-themed shoot with girls from the store as our models. A great friend of ours let us use her property, so we had endless acres to play with. Add in an incredible 60’s convertible from our family friends and some sweet props from fab’rik, and you’ve got yourself a game-changer! Our hair and makeup artist, Erica Arrington, fine-tuned the vibe with some retro-inspired, edgy hairstyles that we couldn’t get over either.

Overall, we just loved the way everything came together. If anything, it taught us how blessed we are to have such great people in our lives that are willing to share their cool stuff and talent. It was also rewarding to see small elements come together to create such a grand experience. At the end of the day, we were exhausted, but the images gave us life again!

Check out this fun shoot for our Throwback Thursday edition of our recent work! And just in time for Thanksgiving, all fab’rik stores are having a friendsiving discount today only from 4-7pm! Use code “friendsgiving20” online or in stores for 20% off your purchase!

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